Something of interest

Lately, I've been listening to two different radio stations instead of my usual one. I've been feeling like listening to different music, I guess. Well, something I never knew before, since I rarely listen to this other radio station, is that they have a movie audio clip quiz. I always miss the part where they play the clip, but whenever they're talking about the quiz, there is this music in the background. It sounds literally exactly like the music in the pyramids in Earthbound. Hmm...

What is Christmas really about?

For me, Christmas was always about giving presents. I wouldn't have minded much if I didn't get anything, as long as I gave things away. I said it was about Jesus's birthday, to keep the peace, if my mom or grandma ever asked me what I thought. But as I grew older, I've been realizing more and more that for me, it's not about Jesus's birthday. It's about family and friends, and exchanging gifts, and showing you care, even if you have trouble showing you care most of the time.

I had to go to the Christmas mass just a little while ago. UGH. We had to leave half an hour early, and then mass was an hour and a half. Two hours wasted.

Of course, a related issue is Santa Claus. Santa is some other language's word for Saint, and Claus is short for Nicholas. My question is, why don't we call him Santa Nick? Anyways, on Coast to Coast AM last night, they were talking about if it was good to decieve your kids. In related conversations with my mom, she warned me that Adam might ask me if Santa is real. I decided that if he does (which he hasn't yet, to clarify) I will say that I believe in Saint Nicholas. After all, he anonymously gave gifts, kind of like parents saying presents are from Santa when they're from them. It's the same general idea.

For me, Christmastime has different meaning, but perhaps it has more meaning.

Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore

One of the things that pisses me off about PE, probably the only thing about it that I hate that is not sports-related, is that every frickin day, they absolutely have to play the song, "I Can't Fight this Feeling." At first I thought it was a kind of nice song, but now it just annoys me.

Well, earlier, the lines, "You're a candle in the window/on a cold dark winter's night," randomly popped into my head. It took a bit to remember what it was from, and then I realized something. A cold dark Winters night. Like Winters, from Earthbound. Interesting. Could it be JeffxTony is haunting me? I know Tony is gay and likes Jeff, but some people seem to think they'd make a cute couple. Weird, in my opinion, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Oh god, what have I done?! I just hope no JeffxTony shippers see this.

The Value of Material Goods

The three most important things in my life, the things that have the most value to me, are my necklace and my two bracelets. All three were bought cheaply.

The necklace's story can be found here. As for the bracelets...

I have a new friend. I'll call her Macarra because she likes that name. Her family isn't exactly wealthy, but they're well off enough. The main thing we have in common is music. I was fairly lucky as far as music goes. I got to take piano lessons, I grew up on the piano... However, Macarra did not. She always wanted a piano, but only had a small, cheap keyboard. We met in band class; we're both flute players. We only met at the beginning of this year.

At some point, in band, she picked up my arm and slipped two bracelets onto my wrist: one silvery with a simple, repetitive design cut into it, and one black with glitter.

We had talked about her many bracelets before. There was one day at the library, she told me the story of her special one, and about how she got the rest in a set, but she refused to tell me how she got them. As for the special one, she saw it laying by a door as she was going to jazz band after school (before I joined). After band, it was still there, but she still left it there. The next morning, she woke up with it on her wrist.

One day, I went to Wal*Mart. I was looking for a keychain and I saw sets of bracelets in various colors, and some were the same as hers.

I can see why she was ashamed. She didn't want to look poor. But what I've never told her is that I know where she got the bracelets, and that I don't mind. One of my beliefs about material things is that if you care about it, it gains value seperate from monetary value. For instance, my laptop was good, but relatively cheap. It wouldn't sell for much. But it's precious. It holds my files, it's my portal to the rest of the world. It's the gateway to information. For me, it's priceless. For someone else, it's maybe $500.

My point is, monetary value is nowhere near as imporrtant as emotional significance. Once you care about something, it seems to come to life in your heart, and it matters to you, even if no one else gives a damn.

Good Friends/Bad Friends

Well, I was looking through the Mother 2 piano book some more and I found a song I didn't recognize. I played through a few pages - unlike most of the songs in the book it's pretty long. I realized it sounded a lot like Get on the Bus, a song by Virt on the Bound Together album, easily a favorite. I was kinda tired and didn't feel like attempting to read more Japanese, but I did, and it was called, "Good Friends/Bad Friends". I was pretty much like, "What kind of a name is that?? Are they implying the chosen four are not friends or something?" Now I realize it could have meant all the people the characters meet, but gimme a break. Well, I looked it up, listened to it, and now I'm just sitting around wondering why I don't recognize it, and also why the candle won't stop flickering.

Not ANOTHER to add to the list

I have three syndromes: Asperger's, femoral-patella(did I spell that right), and Spontaneous Giggling Syndrome. I also am rather paranoid, but not to an extreme. Well, I was curious what schizotypal means. Yeah, I had a vague idea, but I was kinda curious because of this. Well, I found this quiz and went through it, andswering the questions, only to find it was an email one. Well, I found it interesting either way, as I went through answering "yes" to almost every question. It seems almost like some sort of cross between AS and paranoia. Wait, scratch "almost" from that last sentence.


Lately I've been burning candles a lot. I have three candles. Two I got a long time ago, one is recent. The first I burned (I've only burned it twice) is from Wal*Mart, but I don't mind. It's a container candle, with three different shades of blue. I also have one I got at the coast guard store (it's like, a cheaper store for uniformed service people or something like that). It's a little strawberry candle, in a nice container I'm not going to try to explain. Maybe I'll put up a picture. It's just a weird container. The third is a pillar candle, again from Wal*Mart because in this town, our main store is Wal*Mart, it's either there or some overpriced little local shop with a tiny selection, or Safeway. Kinda sad, huh? Well, I also got a little holder for it, which is a good thing because one time a hole appeared in an edge, and wax dripped out, and then that part kinda collapsed. Well, it would have gotten on my new shelves under my loft bed, so it's good there was that plate thing there. If you've ever had to clean up dried candle wax, you'll know it's not easy to get it all off.

Anyways, lately I've been just lighting the pillar candle and turning off the lights and listening to music or playing The Sims 2 or something. It's surprisingly fun :D

Mother 2 on Piano

I forgot to mention something very significant I got for my birthday: the Mother 2 piano book. I've had my eye on this particular piece of merch for a while now...

When I opened it, I wasn't even sure if I should take it out of the shipping packaging that my mom wrapped it in. Well, I had to, and I even bent the spine slightly to keep it open. Of course, it's in Japanese, but the songs are listed in Engrish. Here's the list:

Saturn Valley
Doko Doko Desert
Winters (there are four songs listed here, so I suppose this is just the name of the place where it is played)
Ramma (I played it, I think it's Dalaam)
Scarabi (three songs here)
Cursed Jungles
Gumi Village
The Under World (yes, it's written like that)
Love & Peace
Magicant (two songs here)
Ending (two songs here as well)

I can read kana (but sometimes I mix them up T_T) and some kanji, and the only song name I could read all of that wasn't entirely katakana was the Summers song. It's "プライヴェートな" except with this kanji at the end (I had to copy all those kana from wikipedia because I can't type them on my computer, and I couldn't find that kanji in normal, typed form). So basically something like "private air"? Maybe I just have a strange sense of humor, but that's kinda funny, and it does fit Summers. I like looking through the book and seeing what they decided to name the songs that I can read the names of. I should start studying Japanese again. Well, I am planning to join the Japanese club at school, so that will be good inspiration.

Also, something else about the book, at the beginning of every song, there are (since I'm tired of copying and pasting I'll just type it normally, it's in katakana by the way) "pureingu pointo"'s. Playing points. Too bad I can't read any of them. But I know how the songs are supposed to sound, so I can probably figure it out. Also, in the back there are musical terms explained, but they're in Japanese, but I'm proficient enough in playing the piano that I don't really need them. I wonder if they're there because the game inspired people to learn piano or something.

It kinda reminds me of a (very old) book my grandma has that my mom photocopied that has explanations of the dynamics and stuff like that, and some of the first few explain things like key signature. As you go through the book, it gets harder. Basically, at the beginning there are songs like "The Cellist" (which I've never heard before) and "Minuet in G" by Bach (I think); about halfway through, there's Fur Elise, and kinda near the end, there are songs I haven't heard of, but there's one called, "The Fountain."

That piano book has awesomeosityness.

Another Year Older Yesterday

It was my birthday yesterday.

I suppose, compared to other years, I didn't get much, but I don't have the words to say how significant some of the things I got were.

Let's start with the first two I opened: my little brothers'. Both wanted me to open theirs first, but since Gabe wasn't annoying me at the moment, I opened his. Kirby's Dream Land! I've been asking for that game for literally months, almost six months now. For an "easy" game it's kinda hard. I'm stuck.

Adam got me the I Can Has Cheezburger book, the first one. First thing after opening everything, I read the entire book in one sitting. It's short though. Then this morning I read it to Gabe. Well, now I've read the entire book twice. Of course, when I read it to Gabe, I skipped a couple I knew wouldn't interest him, and I left a word off of one of them, because that word was "dammit".

I got a bunch of stuff from my mom. I got the shirt I partly designed, partly copied. It looks like this:

Now if I get a hat, jean shorts, and black shoes I can cosplay! Not that there's any conventions in Southeast Alaska, but hey, if I'm ever in the Lower 48 while there's something going on...

Well, I also got an iPod Video. Yes, generation 5. I seem to be having trouble with the video part, but hopefully I'll get that fixed. I spent like an hour fixing my music collection so I could easily move it to my iPod. I am now listening to Get on the Bus, by virt, from Bound Together. I skipped to the last three songs because they're my favorites on the album.

Now I can give my 2nd gen. nano to my friend whose mp3 player just broke. The thing we both love the most is music, so I understand her pain. She's my closest friend even though I've only known her since the beginning of the school year.

Probably the funniest thing I got was something from my favorite aunt. I got this box with a picture of a silver bag with some kind of makeup in front of it, so I was hoping it wasn't make up. I was kinda disappointed when it was, but I couldn't figure out what it was exactly. My mom was recording me opening the presents, so she kept asking me what it was until I finally gave up and said, "I don't really know." I found what looked like a pencil sharpener inside. My mom tried putting some on her finger to see if it was lip gloss, but although it had a taste, it didn't really show up. So finally one of us (her) had the sense to look on the box, and on the back, it said it was some sort of write-on perfume. How odd. Well, I decided to put some on this morning when I decided to get dressed like half an hour ago at about noon. It's a lot nicer than normal perfume, all three are nice, fresh smells compared to most perfumes. I'm also wearing what I call the Saturnshirt.

Oh yeah, and I finally got a decent iTunes gift card. Still, only 25 dollars...will that even last that long considering my huge list of music I need to get?

Overall, once I got home from spending the afternoon at the dentist (check ups just happened to be this time of year, and the only time available was my birthday and since my mom works at the clinic's pharmacy, I didn't get home until she got off work) it was a nice night. Stroganoff for dinner, presents, cheesecake with raspberries...but oddly I didn't feel like abusing the fact that it was my birthday and ordering my brothers around. I probably should have, but I didn't feel like it.

Okay I really should eat lunch soon.

the impossible

The near-impossible has happened...a comment! It can be found here. Although I kinda have a vague suspicion it was a spambot or something. I mean, the comment appeared right after I posted. Oh well.

At least now I know that comment-notification thingy works.