isn't it strange?

Oh, how I long for summertime. It looks so warm outside, but it's 50 degrees. Pretty warm for February, but looks so much warmer. I'm so. frickin. bored. I want to skip ahead a couple of months so I can start a garden or something. However, when I think about what life will be like in a few months, I realize how busy the next few months will be. The end of the year is when everything happens. Thinking about that reminds me I have some schoolwork to finish that is due Monday and will take a while. I want to start on it, but I'm too tired, and just so BORED. I also feel like I need someone to talk to, but at the same time I don't feel like talking to anyone at all. I want to draw something, but what? I just don't feel like doing anything. Maybe it's because there were a couple of weeks when I was pretty busy and I didn't get all my homework done, and now I have ample time and don't really want to do anything. I'm almost wishing there was school today.

Isn't all this strange?

If Mother 3 came to America...

Through Earthbound Central (gotta love that site) I found this. It's just an idea, but it's neat. However, I'm not sure I want it to be a reality.

Think about it. For one thing, NoA could mess it up in so many ways. They'd have to change some of the wording, and maybe even take out a scene or two. Also, it's perfectly formatted for GBA. The music might not sound so good on DS, and they'd have to use both screens somehow. Maybe a map on the top screen? But then that feeling of taking the map out for a quick look is gone.

However, my worries about that sort of thing are nothing compared to what would happen to the community. I'm not a big part of it, but I don't want a bunch of idiot n00bs screwing everything up any more than anyone else. Yeah, there'd be some good, useful new people, but the key word there is "some". "Some," as in roughly 10% or less. Which means, for non-math-oriented people, 90% or more idiot n00bs. Do we really want that?

You could argue that that wouldn't happen, but how could it not? The main site is The game would probably be rated E10+ because of the Tanetane mushrooms (drugs, sort of) and the more...emotional scenes. Young children may be haunted by Hinawa's death, or even the ending. Well, E10+ games are usually played by kids about eight and up (or younger, but younger kids aren't as interested in that sort of game) so we could potentially end up with a bunch of 9-year-olds clogging the intertubes with stupid crap. When I was a little younger I had these two friends. They played games like Animal Crossing, but also some games like this one, I don't remember what it was called but I think it was something like Bakugan, although I don't know much about Bakugan. Anyways, I realize now they were idiots. They weren't remotely serious about games, they just liked being able to say they'd played them. They REALLY needed better hobbies than playing games for the sake of popularity. These were the same people who played with Tamagochis for maybe a couple of weeks when a new version came out, and bragged about how far they'd gotten. Now, Tamagotchis were the first games I had aside from Genesis games as old as me that were not 3D. It's partly because of them I fell in love with pixels. At first, I wanted to know what I was missing, and some stupid, crazy part of me wanted to be popular. But I played with those things for a year or two before I found better things to do. Actually, not long after I stopped, I got Pokemon Diamond, my introduction to Japanese RPGs. Now when I look back, I realize I've always loved Japanese video games. Nearly all of my favorites were at some point translated from Japanese, from Ecco II that I played as a small child to the Pokemon games I loved so much to the classics I've dug up, unlike my peers who never dig up old things for fear of getting dirty. Metaphorically, of course.

Oh wow, I'm way off track. :P

Anyways, these people I knew are the sort of people that would give Mother fans a really bad name, and seriously piss off the more hardcore fans who actually care.

I guess I just believe that if it was meant to be and you work towards it, it will happen. Even though I only found the Mother series about a year ago, I feel as if I've always known those old friends, they're that integrated into my life. It's like The Simpsons, or computers, or books: even though it hasn't always been a part of my life, it sure feels like it. The point is, if someone is meant to become a Mother fan, they'll find their way to the series soon enough.

Being Bi

It's strange. I am attracted romantically to so few people, but they are both male and female. At the moment, there are two people I like, one boy and one girl. Ironically, they're both lefties. Anyways, I am fairly sure the girl isn't attracted to girls, but perhaps she is. After all, all her friends have dated several times already, but she has never dated at all. She never seems to have expressed much interest in romance, but I don't talk to her much anymore, so I'm not sure. But I overhear a lot of conversations, and hers are never remotely romance-related. She is pretty much the only person I know like that.

Well, I'm pretty sure I don't have a chance with her because of this, and that's a shame because she's smart, funny, and so beautiful. She's just...incredible, I guess. She isn't the sort of person you'd immediately call funny or beautiful, but I guess most people don't look at each individual person as art like I do.

The boy I like I may have a slight chance with. We're sort of friends, and I may have wrecked all chance with him because one day he was being nice and sort of flirty and I was so shocked I couldn't think of anything to say. I don't know what he thinks of me now, but he hasn't expressed much interest in what I say.

Sometimes boys in my PE class criticize the girls for changing in the stalls, but really most of them don't. I do because I don't want to have to look at girls that are changing. I'd probably end up blushing or staring or something. I'm always careful to walk into a stall quickly, leave the room quickly, and always avert my gaze when walking through. Fortunately the stalls are near the door.

As much as I don't want to change in front of other people because of my, uh, body shape (I'm not that fat, but I make the girls who think they're fat feel skinnier) I am more worried about looking at them in that way, I suppose.

I hate stupid complications like bisexuality.

I don't believe in Hell

A few days ago, I had an interesting but short conversation in school. One of my few friends, and even fewer male friends is a leftie who, like me, is Agnostic, although I lean more towards Unitarian Universalism. Somehow, the devil came up in a conversation between him and one of his friends when they were at the same table as me, and he said he doesn't believe in the devil because he is Agnostic. I said something like, "Why do we need a devil, with the human nature as it is?" And really, why would we need Hell, or even Heaven? The worst hell is life on Earth, and incredible happiness can be gained from life on Earth as well. I think life after death somehow exists, but not in any particular place. My views on life after death are similar to Buddhism: people are reincarnated, possibly as something else, but they are not alwyas reincarnated. This is where I become unsure. Do our souls just end? Do we become ghosts? Do we become something else entirely? Or do we go to Heaven? I don't believe in Hell, but as for Heaven, I don't know.

stupid obsessive catholics...

I was wondering what exactly Invader Zim was, so I looked it up on Wikipedia to get a general idea. As I suspected, it's a cartoon, but it doesn't appear to have run very long. According to the article, some Catholic group (like a magazine or something) said it was bad because it's "non-Catholic". Do they think they're the only ones on the earth or something?

The main thing I can think of that pertains to this is the fact that Catholics think they have the right to preach who should and shouldn't be able to marry in a country based on the ideas of equality for all and freedom. What the hell is wrong with these people? Yes, Catholic is the most popular religion in America, but most certainly not the only religion. Seriously, get with the program. We are past the days when ideas could be easily forced on others. We have entered into an age of each person choosing for themselves. Yes, I know you want to hold onto your traditions, but it should be illegal to try to force them onto the rest of us. This is why I prefer to not be associated with Catholicism.