Forums vs. Schedule

I'd like to return to some forums, Lumine Hall for one. But I'm too busy... That's almost at the end of the list of things I need to make room for in my day. First, I need to stop playing the Sims 2 so much and start finishing up some games I never finished, like Contact(and I was almost at the end, too) and I know I'm probably not that far, but I'd like to finish Chrono Trigger. And the fact that there's alternate endings is overwhelming, just scary.

I also need time to learn things. I was somewhat studying Japanese until I became too busy sometime near the beginning of the school year. I'd also like to learn Latin, and Javascript (not that those are related :P). I need time for art, and time for piano. Out of all of the things I've listed, piano is the most important, but it's the one I tend to neglect.

Oh, and I need to clean my room too.

Cheezburger vs. Average

Recently, I heard about a site called I checked it out, and you know what? It's a rip-off of IMMD(It Made My Day), a site in the Cheezburger network. There is a whole Average network, like Average Cats(similar to ICHC, and at times the same picture with a new caption). I didn't look any further, though, except for a link to Unrelated Captions, which is kind of like Picture is Unrelated. Personally, I don't like sarcastic rip-offs of good sites. For instance, I hate Encyclopaedia Dramatica with a passion. And I wouldn't be surprised if, because I said that, someone there made a page about this blog and made fun of it in unusual ways. Well I suppose that's unlikely, but I'm paranoid.


My math class is messed up, and we all know it.

At eighth grade, I am in Algebra I...there are only two classes in the school.

My teacher's grading system is fine, but she explains things in such a way that no one really understands that well. The craziest part is, she knows something's wrong, but she thinks it's just that we're learning it a year early. Well, it's not us, it's her. I am barely scraping straight As at the end of each quarter because of algebra. In all my other classes, I have As. AND MY MATH TEACHER THINKS A C IS AN AWESOME GRADE. WHAT IS HER PROBLEM.

Yep, you heard me. She thinks Cs are wonderful.

My mom knows the class is messed up too, because she was in algebra in eighth grade too, but she got all As. I mean, I make a lot of mistakes and I'm not as good at math as her, but still...I got As in math last year in pre-algebra, and I had the same teacher. It's her first time teaching algebra, though...actually this year they redid the math classes, so now there's an official pre-algebra class and more algebra classes (but there's still just two; I don't even know if there WAS algebra last year, I just know there was at some point in the past). But I'm not switching to Math 8. I will not switch to Math 8, because I know I can do much better than that and they'd just throw me back into algebra anyways. My math teacher says I'm so good at math, but she doesn't get it: I'm good at all the subjects, and math is my worst. Well I'm not sure if I'm good at life skills, and PE is a whole other story, but neither of those are really required this year. I have no patience for cooking, can't clean at all, and probably won't have much trouble finding a job, so that rules out most of what you learn in life skills. As for PE...well let's just say I am not coordinated at all but I try and that's what we're graded on. Health, though, is easy. It's interesting though; so there are two PE teachers, and one only teaches one period of eighth grade PE but teaches the seventh grade health classes; the one that I have is the main one, and he refuses to teach sex ed, so there's really only one class of health in the entire school that ends up learning about sex. Kind of sad, especially since there's a pregnant girl in my grade (well actually I think she may have had her baby a few days ago, from what people said). Also I suspect that a girl got an STD at some point because her and her ex-boyfriend have been teased fairly recently that "Bob gave Jenna AIDS!" (*names have been changed drastically*). But I'm not social, and I don't care enough to listen to all the boring gossip about who's wearing what and dating who, although it would be nice to hear some more important news...

How Mother's Day brought me joy

On Mother's Day this past spring, I couldn't decide what to give my mom. Finally, I decided on something that would truly be from the heart. I picked out a chain that was from my special necklace with the missing pendant. I got the necklace when I was little, on the Canadian ferry Queen of the North, which has now sunk. We used to ride it every summer on road trips to Oregon, where the rest of both sides of the family live.

The necklace had a pendant of a silver moon with something (abalone?) inside, so that the silver was an outline. On the moon was a silver star. I had the box, but the necklace's pendant had somehow disappeared. So I chose a simple pendant I had bought at Wal*Mart once, and put it on the special chain that I no longer had use for, and gave it to my mom.

Well, guess what? The next day, I walked into my room (after school I think) and there, on my desk, was the necklace, shining blues and purples and greens, just sitting there among all the clutter as if someone had just dropped it there. It was beautiful, and it was back. It turned out the chain that I had used for my mom's necklace hadn't been from my special necklace that had been gone for years. Just a note, though: I didn't even have the desk when the necklace disappeared, I got it some time after.

I now wear the necklace every day. While in Oceanside, CA, I went into a small shop that we always go into when we go there that sold necklaces of the same company. I still had the box, and I had looked at it many times. I knew these were the same company's work. I asked the lady who owned and ran the shop, who was a very nice old lady who, judging by the things in the shop, had a good sense of humor. She said they were sterling silver, and that mine definately looked the same.

I still wear that necklace almost every day, and when I don't wear it it's usually in my pocket.

I don't wanna go to church...

My mom made me go to church this morning. It didn't help that she woke me up when we had like ten minutes left, and that because of her I didn't get to sleep until one in the morning, and that the first thing she did was open the curtains. You'd think by now she'd have figured out that I get up the fastest when it's dark.

Anyways, at church the homily was significant. It's the only thing I listen to anymore. The priest was talking about how people in cities think the world will end on December 21 2012, and freak out to the point where they want to take their lives and their family's lives. I agree with the church's viewpoint on 12/21/12, but for different reasons. They say that the world ends when it ends, and when it does they'll go to heaven. Well, I'm not living to try to go to heaven, I'm living for life on Earth, because whether or not heaven exists is debatable, but life on earth, whether real or not, does matter. My opinion on death is that it happens when it happens and there's nothing we can do about it, so why worry? When I die, I'll find out if life after death exists, but until then there's no way to know for sure. Yeah, I believe in ghosts, but what I'm talking about is heaven and hell. I don't believe in hell because if God loves us enough to send his son to save us, then why would he let a place like that even exist?

Another thing brought up in the homily is gay marriage. According to the church, it's wrong. However, all my life, despite what anyone said I've supported gay marriage, not openly, but at least I support it. If two people are in love, it doesn't matter if they're gay or straight, they have the right to be officially married. What if gays ruled the world and didn't let straight people get married?...Exactly. We would be trying to change the laws about it too.

Speaking of gays, I'm bi, and there's a girl I like but she's Catholic. I know even if she did like me there's no way she'd show it.

At church, there was a baptism. I didn't clap, because another child forced into a religion is not a good thing. I know if I have children, I sure ain't forcing them to believe one thing or another, aside from that all people are equal.

Another thing about the church is that they don't say anything about equality for all. What I see when I see the church is a sexist religion, one in which men have more choices, and most people are urged to marry within the church so that they will have children and add to the church. WHAT IS THEIR PROBLEM?!?!

I consider myself a monotheistic agnostic with similar beliefs to the Unitarian Universalists. I don't think there's a UU church in this small town but when I move out and have a choice in religion, I'm going to do a lot of research about churches like that. I like how they believe all people are equal, and let people figure out their own beliefs for themselves with only a few rules, and even include science! However, there are other interesting ones I've heard of...Freemasonry, Secular Humanism, Quaker, etc...chances are I'm not going to fit into any religion and just stay as a monotheistic agnostic.