sooooooooooooooo tired

How long will these cycles go on? Each week, there are five school days, and two days of rest. I spend the school days at school, and often don't come home until late. I spend my weekend doing stupid little things that relieve my stress but waste my time. And every school day, I wake up, sleep in a few minutes, eventually get dressed, get my school stuff together, rarely eat breakfast, and leave for school, one way or another. At school, I go through various, PE, something fun, english, a lunch break, a couple of interesting but not my favorite classes, and a pretty good last class. Then I usually do something, like piano lessons or jazz band, and go home eventually. I go on the computer, eat while either reading or watching TV, and do homework. I watch TV or go on the computer some more, and then take a shower and go to bed.

This cycle is so pointless. I can't wait for summer. But even then, I will be stuck in a cycle. Perhaps I will never escape.

I just don't know


I have been watching a LOT of Simpsons lately. And one day while looking through LuigiWithCheese/TheGreatChickenMiasma's Deviant art stuff (what? she's a great artist, and I love "He Said, She Said". Well, I found this MPreg meme, and I clicked on the link to the original, and there was this list to all the completed ones. And there was this one, about where Cecil got Bob pregnant, and it was just plain funny. I'm not much of an MPreg person,

And then that artist (can't for the life of me remember her name) made this comic, it was like 17 pages, and it left it hanging so frickin badly I was so furious!!! And I've been thinking about that meme, and that comic, all of the past two days...WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?! Usually I'm not quite this obsessive over tiny niches in the great awesomeness known as fandom. But that comic was so well done, and dramatic...usually I don't even read that sort of stuff, but this one was so impressive, and I just had to keep reading...but maybe I shouldn't have, because now I feel insane...

Oh well. I already knew I was crazy XD