I may really like that one girl, but I think if I had to choose, I'd choose the boy I like. I'm pretty sure he likes me.

Okay, I'll just come out and say it, but it's not so simple, it's a story. Here goes:

I was waiting for the bus (for some reason the first bus was there but the others were way behind and some weren't actually near the school. His bus wasn't there either, so as I was walking up to where my bus usually parks he asked about what bus I rode and I told him and asked him back bla bla bla. Then one of his friends (a grade younger I think) came up and asked if he was going to his house to shoot their video. The boy (I'll call him A) then explained to me about their youtube video series, I didn't quite catch the name but that didn't stop me from looking when I got home. I won't say what it was about for privacy reasons but it sounded interesting, so I kinda laughed. Then A's friend was like, "Is that the girl you're always talking about?" A said, "oh, shut up!" quietly and blushed a lot and it was funny. Then he retorted with, "Is that the boy you're always talking about?" and pointed to some random seventh-grader. I don't remember much else because then my bus came. I was very happy for quite a while. He talks about me a lot? Well I guess I do talk about the things he says a lot. Maybe he does like me...

^__ ^

Sims 2 Glitches

So, possibly because I use XP, I end up with a lot of glitches on my computer. I don't really mind, though, since I know how to get by. However, I think I may have ended up with more than my fair share of The Sims 2 glitches.

Okay, for one thing, the game has always been kinda weird on my computers. First the old one, and now my laptop. Coincidence? Well, they are both XP.

Hmm, where to start...oh, perhaps with that the game COMPLETELY STOPPED WORKING FOR A LONG TIME. I had to go without it for nearly a year until I decided to just reinstall it already. I should explain what happened when it wouldn't work. The game would be loading something, usually CAS, and once two vertical bar-things were lit up, it would crash. This happened two or three times. I tried to load a lot, and that failed at some point. Then I tried to load a neigborhood, and that failed. So after that I gave up. So, nearly a year later, I reinstalled the game - all eight expansion packs, and both of the stuff packs I have. I moved the downloads in, and it stopped working. I uninstalled, reinstalled, and this time didn't move my downloads back, and whaddaya know, it worked! Glitch-free, for a while...then eventually I was looking through the trees and one looked all messed-up, like it was white. The texture was gone, and the replacement was white with black words that were related to the tree (wth?) and there appeared to be a red X across the texture file, as if someone went into paint and drew simple red lines from one corner to the other. Weird.

So, this happened to the guitar, and one of the workbenches, and I became busy and didn't play as much. Then, last summer, I switched computers. DUN DUN DUN! (idk)

It seemed alright for a long time. The game functions normally, except some weird things. There were, I think, two times when I ended up with bizzare glitches. The first was a plantsim family. They had a plantbaby, but the "There's a new baby in the family" box stayed up, meaning I had no access to the save option, or buy or build mode. That sucked. I had to leave the lot. But first, I decided to look at the sim's family tree to see if the baby was there. What I saw was strange, and gave insight into how the game works:

Weird. Cool, though, although I really wish I would've saved before making them have a plantbaby.

Now, just yesterday, I started playing as this family. I was planning for them to become a large family, but now I'm not sure that will happen. You see, I realized I forgot to add a sink, but as soon as I did, these boxes kept coming up saying what games I had installed. It went through the list, and I was hoping it would stop, but it just started over. I exited that lot, and I don't remember if I saved. I built these apartments, and tried them out. Then, to show my little brother the awesome nightclub I built that the apartments were next to, I went to that lot, but the second the lot loaded, the sink thing happened again. Why did I put a sink in a nightclub bathroom anyways? I don't usually put sinks in bathrooms. Well, I quit out of the game without going back home to save, and I have yet to try to play again. I'm just hoping the game works.

Oh yeah, I forgot the picture of the second glitch:

*sigh* I spent so long on that house. It was such a nice house, and it was affected by glitches. What a shame. I wonder if the glitch will keep doing that when I start the game up again, or if the game will even start? Oh well, I guess I'll just have to try later. But now, it's lunchtime.