Boy Scouts of America is evil...

Well, I decided to do some reading on Buddhism. It sounds interesting. But while reading, I came across something somehow, I don't remember how.

The Boy Scouts of America reject atheists, agnostics, and non-heterosexuals.

What. The. Hell.

The BSA is a Catholic-influenced group that practices hypocrisy by saying they teach boys to be good, accepting citizens, but at the same time discriminating. That's just awful. And my mom was considering making my brothers join them!

So from what I read, if a boy scout lies or something, they are counseled privately and kindly. But if they admit to having a less common sexual orientation, they get kicked out. WTF. Sexual orientation is beyond our control, not chosen. You can have a homosexual relationship without being homosexual, but you can't choose to be homosexual. I know from experience. Over time, I gradually realized I had had crushes on female friends, but I didn't realize it for several years.

Anyways, I already knew the BSA were sexist (why aren't girls part of it? Girl Scouts is a pathetic, just plain lame organization), but homophobic and atheist-hating? And why agnostics? I am agnostic, and I believe in some sort of God. I believe in life after death of some sort - either reincarnation or becoming a sort of ghost. I believe Hell does not exist - why does it need to exist if life on Earth can so easily become hell? And if God is so loving, why would he let people get sent to Hell? What happened to the millions of second chances thing? It does not add up.

ANYWAYS, the BSA is awful, and although hatred is wrong, I have to admit, I sure am hating them at the moment.