PISSED about random people

I am so fricking pissed off! I want to make sure whoever thought of putting video advertisements on the internet dies a slow and painful death... WHAT IS THEIR PROBLEM, DAMMIT!? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THOSE IDIOTS? DON'T THEY REALIZE BECAUSE OF THEM I HAVE DOWNLOADED LIKE 30 MINUTES OF VIDEO (IN ONE DAY) WHEN WE HAVE A LIMIT EACH MONTH, AND I AM COMPLETELY AGAINST BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS BECAUSE OF THEIR ADS!?!?!?!?!?


As much as I hate it when people capitalize everything because it looks like theyre yelling through one of those microphone things people use, you know, usually red and white? I couldn't help it. I do want to yell all that in their damned faces.

Also, I am trying to listen to music on my computer. I should have the right to listen to it without being interupted by lysol ads.

Now, aside from the idiot who thought of that, the teachers who gave us tons of homework on a busy weekend when almost half the school is busy, and my mom, there is one person who I am particularly pissed at.

For school, we were supposed to go to this rehearsal for the local community band. Well, I went with a friend because we don't get to spend much time together outside of school or in school. Her friend showed up (her friend is a grown woman she considers practically her mom) and we ended up getting into a conversation. I didn't realize it was so loud, but then this guy comes over and starts practically yelling at us about how if we want to have a conversation we can leave the auditorium. Well, for one thing, I may never get another chance to spend time with my best friend outside of school, because I may be moving soon. Also, if that guy wants to watch the concert in complete silence, he can buy a frickin ticket and go to the real performance where they actually enforce the rules, because IT'S THE REAL PERFORMANCE STUPID. And that way, he won't be watching without paying and support the community band, which he apparently loves. Yeah, we were talking kinda loud, but a simple, "would you quiet down," would have more than sufficed. And you know what? While the conductor was announcing things, he kept yelling things at him, the sort of things audiences at rock concerts would yell, except this was a rehearsal where maybe five of the people were not there for school, and he was the only one yelling. What an asshole. The rest of us wanted to hear the conductor, and unlike this guy, I will probably be PAYING for a ticket when they have the ACTUAL performance, and I will listen to the whole thing this time because it will not be a chance to talk with my friend. And this way, I will only have to listen to those awful, eardrum-bursting bagpipes once because it won't be a rehearsal.

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